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Hey there! Here's a video where I flip through the physical edition and show off some of the interior pages! 

I got my physical edition today! I'm quite happy with the print quality, the paper is thick and the zine won't be damaged easily!

Thanks for the great game and great quality print!

Woop woop! Glad to hear it arrived safely. The print quality is partly why it took so long to deliver - had a lot of back and forth with the print shop to make sure it looked and felt great :) 

I'm glad you took the time, it was worth it!

Thanks for caring about quality.

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I preordered this, but can't seem to find a way to tell Itch that I did so. Any advice?

I'm still pretty new to Itch.

EDIT: Checked my email and can see my name in the Thank Yous! That's cool.

Hey! Nice - glad you managed to get in :)

Oh, I didn't actually! That was the email linking me to preview stuff? I imagine it's the completed files now, but Itch still doesn't know I own the game.

My bad - reply to that email and I’ll get it sorted for you :)


I've just played a round of this and I'm in love. Thank you its such an amazing work.

🥺 thank you so much - amazing to hear that!


Very much looking forward to playing this, ty for including it in the Bundle for Ukraine


Hey! The game is out now - feel free to check it out! :)


Oh wow, just gave it a first run and I loved it - very intense and dramatic and nostalgic in a way. Very good prompts and I love that you included the Oracles, they did come in handy.

I might actually use them on a few other solo journaling games, great addition


Amazing! Glad to hear you enjoyed it ♥


Interesting concept, I am looking forward to the release. I purchased this through Bundle for Ukraine.

Hey! The game is out now - feel free to check it out! :)